• president OkediPresident
    Attorney,Ginikanwa Okedi
  • vice-president
    Mr.Henry Ubi
  • adinduezeocha Secretary
    Dr.Adindu Ezeocha
  • udoabrahamFinancial Secretary
    Mrs.Udo Abraham
  • Treasurer
    Mr.Sampson Ezeoma
  • obi Public Relations
    Mr.Obi Agonmoh
  • nelsonobiomaChief Whip
    Mr.Nelson Obioma
































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Welcome to the website of Ohuhu Development Union International. We are a non profit

501(c) (3) Organization. We offer all Ohuhu people in Nigeria and Diaspora a chance to

connect and feel a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood. We believe in building

relationships among our people that will lead to better understanding and value,

fairness and friendship.

2013 ODUI President State of The Union Address:pdficon



odui women dance ekpo masqurade

Some of the activitie to show cased at the 2014 Houston National Convention:

Ohuhu Women Dance, Ekpe Masquerade !


Famous War Dance






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